Finding the Right Reporting System

When a Fortune 200 financial services company needed to rethink their reporting systems, they turned to us for expertise and guidance. In particular, they wanted validation that their reporting and forward-facing data infrastructure were aligned with current business goals. The outcome? Within three months, we identified solutions to eradicate duplication,...

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Getting Started: From Zero to Machine Learning

If you see real value in bringing machine learning to your organization and you’re not sure how to begin, Spinnaker is here to help. Here’s a primer on what you need to know to take your organization from zero to machine learning. Machine Learning: Setting Your Expectations When it comes...

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How To Fuel Better Decision-Making and Results with Business Analytics: Getting Started

Do you know the difference between data and metrics? Data will do little for you until you transform it into the metrics that directly correspond with your firm’s imperatives. Leveraging those metrics to support and inform your decision-making process is what business analytics is all about. Ultimately, business analytics can...

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