Business Initiative Delivery

What’s the Big Deal About Agile?

Agile isn’t a “big bang” concept. It’s an evolution of what we’ve always done naturally — strive for continuous improvement and quickly learn from failure. Though introduced and given a name as a methodology less than 20 years ago, it has quickly caught on with forward-focused organizations and taken over...

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How To Fuel Better Decision-Making and Results with Business Analytics: Getting Started

Do you know the difference between data and metrics? Data will do little for you until you transform it into the metrics that directly correspond with your firm’s imperatives. Leveraging those metrics to support and inform your decision-making process is what business analytics is all about. Ultimately, business analytics can...

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Why you need a “Planning Tollgate”

Have you ever experienced that moment of frustration when you realize a project nearing final implementation does not meet your expectations? Everyone started on the same page, but somewhere along the way, the project team deviated from what you were expecting. Consider inserting a checkpoint, called a “planning tollgate”, to...

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