Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Building an Enterprise-Level Approach to Reduce Risk

Following a period of rapid growth, a large US commercial bank realized it needed to rethink the way it organized its business units, as a means to create greater visibility into risk and opportunities. The organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team tapped Spinnaker to help justify that transition and begin...

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The Challenge of Risk Modeling in a COVID Era

As the world braces itself for the economic impact of COVID-19, banks are looking to credit risk models in an attempt to quickly understand and forecast the effects of such rapid change. But putting these models to work is no easy task. At its core, risk modeling is a field...

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A New Strain of Credit Storm: Consumer Lending at Risk

Normally, we don’t get confirmation from the National Bureau of Economic Research on whether we’ve hit a recession until long after its start. Whether that confirmation comes sooner during the COVID-19 crisis is beside the point – many experts agree that as of March 2020 we’ve entered a recession. In...

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