We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work


Spinnaker may be unlike any other consultancy you’ve worked with. That’s because we take the time to understand your needs — and then put our strategy architects and experienced doers to work. Our real-world experience with companies such as American Express and Capital One allows us to pinpoint your issues and drive measurable action.

Our services

Service Delivery

From scaling operations to deciphering and delivering actionable analytics, Spinnaker Consulting is dedicated to helping our clients grow quickly, but also efficiently.

Capability Delivery

We help our clients implement short-term, critical projects and longer-term initiatives, including SAFe implementation.

Risk and Compliance Management

We understand the regulatory environment, so we can guide your team on how best to work with regulators. Our engagement teams will help identify gaps and provide programmatic solutions to ensure your company meets (or falls back into) compliance.

Data and Analytics

From optimizing your operations to delivering actionable data and reporting insights, Spinnaker is dedicated to helping our clients grow quickly, but also efficiently. Our Analytics professionals can help you solve challenges across several functional areas:

  • Data and Reporting
  • Contact Centers
  • Process Optimization
  • Credit Risk
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Extreme Automation

Human Capital

We go beyond basic staff augmentation, providing talent solutions for niche roles, short-term projects or instances where you need a solution right now.

Our areas of expertise

Strategic Planning

Most businesses struggle with delivering against business objectives within the constraints of IT and Operations. Spinnaker has first-hand experience at developing and deploying strategic planning and delivery approaches that deliver the results you need.

  • Long range strategic prioritization and alignment
  • Feasibility assessments and pre-execution planning
  • Resource and budget constraint optimization

Critical Business Initiative Delivery

Lacking the right processes and tools can hinder project delivery as can having inexperienced program and project resources. Spinnaker partners with businesses to deploy proven, sustainable delivery processes and can provide experienced delivery resources to supplement your own team.

  • Comprehensive program/project planning
  • Visual progress tracking and reporting systems
  • Critical role staff augmentation
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Business-owned Regulatory Compliance

Business leaders are consistently told they own compliance, but get impractical guidance from their compliance partners. Spinnaker couples our business experience with a depth of compliance knowledge to help you build effective compliance solutions.

  • Pragmatic first-line of defense plans, including controls and testing
  • Effective risk assessments, gap closure programs and audit responses
  • Sensible regulatory compliance training plans

Operational Effectiveness

Businesses today are struggling to manage the rapidly expanding world of multiple sites and multiple channels. Spinnaker can put the right structure and tools in place to make running your operation more manageable and achieve new levels of performance.

  • Data visualization tools and command centers
  • Robust and integrated management routines
  • Actionable analytics
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Executive Leadership Coaching

Leaders need the voice of an experience to help them chart a path to starting in a new role, turning around an organization, or taking their own performance to the next level. Spinnaker advisors have experienced these transitions and are able to provide impactful coaching.

  • Leader “quick start” workshop to assess a leader’s new team and develop a plan for quick wins
  • Mentoring programs to build or enhance critical leadership and business owner skills
  • Group coaching to enable rapid formation of high performance teams
  • Learn how.
Three Gears represent Big Data

Big Data

The power of streamlined data and the cloud to drive analytics and decision-making.

  • Enterprise Data Ecosystems
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data Management & Governance
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Learn More
An outline of a human head with interconnected circles as a brain represents machine learning

Machine Learning

Cutting-edge models and approaches that are applicable in the real

  • Explainable Modeling
  • Precision Forecasting
  • Insight Generation
  • Model Validation & Monitoring
  • Learn More
Four connected circles represent extreme automation

Extreme Automation

Touch-free processing to optimize performance and drive efficiency.

  • Process Optimization
  • Open-Source Migration
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Distributed Computing
  • Learn More

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