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Developing a QA/QC Program Within the Trust Division

When a Top 25 US bank was issued a consent order to tighten its internal controls in order to better mitigate risk, the bank uncovered a need for defined processes and quality assurance protocols within its Trust department. Looking for immediate guidance and Trust expertise, the team brought Spinnaker on board to identify existing gaps, define procedures and create a path to...

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Meet & Greet Stephanie Lennon: Spinnaker’s Queen of Hearts and Minds

With 25 years of experience in business strategy, operational analytics and process development, Stephanie Lennon is no stranger to managing complex organizational change and boiling strategy down to the tactical level for her team. Industrious doesn’t even begin to describe this natural-born leader and Excel aficionado, who by night applies her analytical skills to the game of poker.  And when it comes...

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A New Strain of Credit Storm: Consumer Lending at Risk

Normally, we don’t get confirmation from the National Bureau of Economic Research on whether we’ve hit a recession until long after its start. Whether that confirmation comes sooner during the COVID-19 crisis is beside the point – many experts agree that as of March 2020 we’ve entered a recession. In a little under a week, lenders have aggressively cut marketing; tightened credit;...

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Shawn Talks with Forbes About Future-Proofing Your Business

Most of us are familiar with the old saying “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Although the origin dates back to the 18th century, the message could not be more relevant today, especially for business owners. From employee turnover to insufficient capital, there are numerous potential threats that could morph into financial disasters overnight. So, when Forbes Finance Council asked...

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A Path to Mastering Your Data Analytics Journey

Where are you on the path to making more informed, data-driven decisions? Have you identified the metrics? Do you have the right people? And most importantly, do you trust your data? We live in an era where access to technology and data are at our fingertips, literally. But when we begin diving into adoption and the process of setting up system to...

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