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Preparing your organization for the consumer data protection age

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting consumer data.  It’s by far the most comprehensive regulatory guideline to date, and its reverberations are already being felt stateside. As consumers, we’re becoming habituated to privacy policy notifications on websites.  But the real impact is coming as states begin introducing and enforcing...

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Spinnaker Featured in November Forbes Finance Council Expert Panel

Recently, I was invited to participate in Forbes Magazine’s Finance Council, which is a collection of senior-level financial services executives from across the country who’ve been tapped to share advice and resources. Last month, the editorial board asked council members for strategies to identify critical business metrics – and they appreciated the Spinnaker perspective on measurement, and the need to evolve reporting...

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Meet & Greet Jason Xie: Spinnaker’s Data Dynamo

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Consultant Jason Xie. Spinnaker’s Data Dynamo, Jason has a passion for using data analysis to solve complicated business problems and leveraging data and analytics to empower informed business decisions. As part of the Spinnaker team, he applies that energy and expertise to drive maximum client results with data. Jason came to Spinnaker...

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Ask Spinnaker: What Are the Advantages of Working with a Smaller Consulting Firm?

Got questions about trends, insights, and challenges related to Spinnaker’s areas of expertise? In this regular blog, we tap into our Spinnaker team of experts and do what we do best: Roll up our sleeves to find you the answers you need. In this installment of “Ask Spinnaker,” we’re taking a close look at the three big advantages of working with a...

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Growing a Startup: Top 7 Leadership Lessons in Spinnaker’s First 7 Years

In business as in life, it’s important to check your rearview mirror every now and then, even while you’re focusing your attention on the road ahead. When you’re growing a startup, you need to spend most of your time being proactive and looking forward. But don’t lose sight of the fact that leadership lessons from our past critically inform and guide our...

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