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Effective Ways to Help Customers with Credit During COVID-19

Credit Reporting Agencies are the backbone of our nation’s lending practices, as the information they deliver about a consumer’s financial profile often determines the terms of any loan and whether an application is approved. In normal times, as a best practice, banks and other financial institutions regularly furnish customer data to those agencies, also known as credit bureaus – but they maintain autonomy...

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Get to Know Mark Schuler – Spinnaker’s Problem-Solving Powerhouse

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Mark Schuler. Mark knows first-hand what it means to embrace change, both personally and professionally. Throughout his career, he has lived and breathed large-scale technology transformations by understanding the core problem, leading process improvements and delivering innovative solutions, all while keeping the customer top of mind. Mark is most comfortable in the...

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Do you have the right system in place to sustain a remote call center system through COVID-19?

Everywhere you turn or click these days, there’s a new story about how COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of the global workforce for the foreseeable future. Thanks to this giant disruptor, such is the case with Fortune 500 financial organizations who’ve uprooted Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) from contact centers into the comfort (or depending on their personality or circumstances, discomfort) of their home....

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Building an Enterprise-Level Approach to Reduce Risk

Following a period of rapid growth, a large US commercial bank realized it needed to rethink the way it organized its business units, as a means to create greater visibility into risk and opportunities. The organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team tapped Spinnaker to help justify that transition and begin to envision what transformation might actually look like. The results? What began...

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