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Shawn’s 5-year Banking Industry Outlook

As we are wont to do at the turn of each year, January is a time when we humans attempt to prognosticate the trends or major events to come over the next 365 days. And with this year being the start of a new decade, we’re feeling that tendency ten-fold. So, when Forbes Finance Council asked me about what changes I expect...

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Meet & Greet Adam Searles: Spinnaker’s Data Solutions Swashbuckler

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Adam Searles. Adam brings an analytical rigor to organizational decision making, and while the numbers are a large piece of that story, he’s known most for his people-focused solutions. He’s the guy you turn to for operational efficiency, process development, reporting and building out a well-rounded analytics team. A dedicated Virginia Tech...

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Meet & Greet Samantha Bourne: Spinnaker’s Risk Wrangler

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Samantha Bourne. Samantha brings to bear more than 15 years of experience and leadership in risk management, underwriting and total claim payment solutions. Samantha cut her risk and compliance chops through several roles at a Fortune 100 financial services company – everything from managing the operational process for a team responsible for...

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A lens into Spinnakerfest 2019

Organizational growth requires great intention and attention. It requires leaders who not only understand where they’re going, but how they’re going to get there. And luckily for Spinnaker, it favors organizations who set their stakes early and embody the analyst mindset of continual reevaluation and course correction. Earlier this month at our inaugural Spinnakerfest – which is part all-hands meeting, part professional...

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Preparing your organization for the consumer data protection age

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting consumer data.  It’s by far the most comprehensive regulatory guideline to date, and its reverberations are already being felt stateside. As consumers, we’re becoming habituated to privacy policy notifications on websites.  But the real impact is coming as states begin introducing and enforcing...

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