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The Spinnaker Sit-Down: Q&A with Executive Coach Tommy Thompson

With our Spinnaker Sit-Down interview, we give you VIP access to industry influencers, thought leaders, and movers-and-shakers who share their unique insights and perspectives on industry issues, trends, and questions. This month we sat down with executive coach Tommy Thompson. Thompson has built a career around his passion for teaching and mentoring. As an executive coach, he is focused on helping others...

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Meet & Greet Robert H. Johnson Jr.: Spinnaker’s Performance Producer

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Consultant Robert H. Johnson Jr. Spinnaker’s Performance Producer, Robert has more than 20 years of experience in retail and financial services, during which he built an extensive track record of delivering results—including leading organizations to record-setting quality and sales performance, as well as developing and implementing customer relationship programs that decisively raise...

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Ask Spinnaker: How Do I Build a Thriving Remote Team?

Got questions about trends, insights, and challenges related to Spinnaker’s areas of expertise? In this regular blog, we’ll tap into our Spinnaker team of experts and do what we do best: Roll up our sleeves to find you the answers you need. In this installment of our “Ask Spinnaker” blog, we’re tackling a question that’s also personal: Question: How do I build...

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Meet & Greet Jack Gooding: Spinnaker’s Data-Driven Doer

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Consultant Jack Gooding. Spinnaker’s Data-Driven Doer, Jack recently came aboard excited to join a team whose genuine desire to solve problems and deliver real results resonated with him and mirrored his own professional goals. Like the Spinnaker team, Jack is laser-focused on rolling up his sleeves and doing what needs to be...

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AI or AIGT: Follow a Roadmap To Focus On AI “All In Good Time”

AI — artificial intelligence — is all the rage in the world of business analytics. But, focusing on AIGT — all in good time — may serve your organization better, today and tomorrow. Developing and building an intentional analytics progression plan toward AI will not only help your organization now, it will make future jumps into AI and other emerging business analytics...

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