Get to Know Mark Schuler – Spinnaker’s Problem-Solving Powerhouse

Mark Schuler

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Mark Schuler. Mark knows first-hand what it means to embrace change, both personally and professionally. Throughout his career, he has lived and breathed large-scale technology transformations by understanding the core problem, leading process improvements and delivering innovative solutions, all while keeping the customer top of mind. Mark is most comfortable in the driver’s seat – which is where you want him when it comes to steering a program build-out, managing people, or driving operational efficiency.

Starting out with a BS in Accounting Information Systems from Virginia Tech and taking his first roles as a stockbroker, to then running US Credit Card Marketing Operations and Product teams at a Fortune 200 company for 17 years, Mark has earned his stripes in the financial sector. And while he’s proud of the marketing operations automation work he led client-side, he’s enjoying applying his problem-solving superpowers alongside the like-minded, curious folks at Spinnaker. Mark prides himself in being able to see both “the trees and the forest” – which is critical when you are leading engagements to improve marketing operations for a Fortune 500 Financial Company.

His process-driven nature is also evident at home – he starts every day with exercise and ends it by picking up around the house. And, it’s no surprise that he is frequently asked to fix something, not simply because he’s a problem solver at heart, but he also has a wife, five children and a grandson. When Mark is not conquering complex issues at work, you might spot him on the sidelines at his son’s volleyball match or serving in an advisory role for Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia. His secret to happiness? Some can be attributed to his mastery puzzle challenges, visiting local wineries, and listening to country tunes.


10 Things About Mark

What does a successful day look like? Helping someone solve a problem – big or small.

Business lesson to live by: Change is constant, embrace the change

Childhood career dream: FBI

Favorite TV show: NCIS

Current audiobook: The Fix by David Baldacci

Happy place: St. Pete Beach, Florida

Favorite water activity: Fishing

Biggest personal accomplishment to date: Losing 70 pounds and keeping it off for over five years

Life lesson: Every decision is just one decision

I admire people who: Question the status quo