Meet & Greet Stephanie Lennon: Spinnaker’s Queen of Hearts and Minds

With 25 years of experience in business strategy, operational analytics and process development, Stephanie Lennon is no stranger to managing complex organizational change and boiling strategy down to the tactical level for her team. Industrious doesn’t even begin to describe this natural-born leader and Excel aficionado, who by night applies her analytical skills to the game of poker.  And when it comes to building new programs and high-performing teams, she’s at the ready to apply her superpower – coaching. Some might be intimidated by her self-proclaimed tendency to ask a billion questions, but our team at Spinnaker has come to appreciate her inquisitive nature and sunny disposition.

With a B.S. in Civil Engineering from MIT and M.S. in Structural Engineering from UC Berkeley, it is no wonder that Stephanie often has two dozen personal and professional projects going on simultaneously, and she takes great delight in checking items off of her to-do list. She breathes analytical thinking into each project and has a diverse background to prove it. From leading the product launch of a new payments platform at Capital One to developing a Groupon competitor for AOL’s Paid Services, she excels in leadership roles at large organizations. That said, she’s excited to be on the consulting side of the table at Spinnaker and looks forward to being part of a small, rapidly growing firm.

When Stephanie is not leading the troops through complex organizational change, you’ll find her exploring her more creative side, either gardening or penning content for her blog, (her most recent piece is about teaching personal finance to elementary-school-aged kids). At home, she stays busy with three kids, three pets and needless to say, the list goes on! It’s through sheer determination that she’s built an all-around happy life with the common thread of making a difference in the lives of the people who surround her.

10 Things to Know About Stephanie:

  • What gets you out of bed each morning? Determination. I’m not a morning person.
  • First thing you do each day: Slap the snooze button.
  • Hidden talent: Remembering completely random, useless trivia.
  • What does a successful day look like for you? Set my agenda & intentions upfront, large blocks of heads down, deep-work time, checking deliverables off my list, a call that requires only my brain and attention so I can take a walk while I participate, and pleasant inter-personal interactions interspersed throughout the day.
  • First job? Collecting old newspapers and aluminum cans from neighbors. Back in the early 80s, you could get paid by the pound for recycling newsprint and aluminum. Dad and I would load up the Chevy truck, then drive to the recycling facility to get it weighed, unloaded, and collect our bounty.
  • Life Lesson: The idea is only worth 0.5%…execution is worth the last 99.5%. Just ask the Winklevoss twins…
  • Latest read: Tony Robbins’ Unshakeable.
  • The one item you’d take with you to a deserted island? A coconut opener.
  • On the Bucket List: Visit all 7 continents. Still need to hit South America, Africa, and Antarctica.
  • Last thing you do each day: Triple check that I’ve set my alarm.